Bridal Makeup And Hair

Makeup Mobile To You Studio (Bridal Room)

Makeup mobile to you studio has a bridal room set up within the studio especially for weddings and bridal parties we also come out mobile for your special day so that we cater for all bridal parties we provide an amazing service which allows your party to be glammed up in the comfort of your own home or wedding venue. we have over 5 years experience in bridal makeup and hair and over 5 star ratings and reviews over on our Facebook page we take pride in our customer service and our ability to listen. we have visited many wedding venues over the past few years and if we have the availability on the date you wish we will travel further than manchester to you. (additional milage charges will be occurred) Trials will be based at our studio in stockport in our bridal room we will test different looks until our client is happy if we see any doubt on a persons face we will not let them leave our chair.

To book your wedding

Either call the studio on 0161 443 3278 or call kirsty on 07805484786 this will determine wether the date is free the details of bookings, timings and costs.

a deposit will be required when booking and wedding trials can then be arranged please note we only do trials on tuesdays Wednesdays and Fridays as we like to spend our time on them. all that beside we will then confirm the week before all details and arrive on the special day

Book An Appointment 0161 443 3278 / 0780 548 4796